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Oxiracetam: Full Review of Clinical Research, Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects, and Experiences

Oxiracetam Review
Oxiracetam is regarded as one of the most effective smart drugs and is a nootropic, part of the racetam family.

What is Oxiracetam? Oxiracetam was created in 1988 by ICF, which is an Italian company of pharmaceuticals. It is regarded to be one of the most effective smart drugs and has a potency level that is five times the level of Piracetam. It impacts the Cholinergic and Acetylcholine components of the mind by fueling the NDMA receptors and the AMPA, which are important for learning. This is why Oxiracetam is also known as an Ampakine.


Oxiracetam can be taken as a capsule or it can be taken as a power by mixing it with water or other liquids. It is absorbed very well by the body. In fact, up to 84% of it will reach the bloodstream without undergoing any chemical changes. It reaches its highest peak within one–three hours of one dose. Oxiracetam is found in the cerebral cortex, hippocampus, and septum, of the brain.

The most important thing to remember about the nootropic is to decide on the right dosage. Doses range from 800-2400 milligrams and should be disbursed in two-three doses daily because the half-life is around eight hours in individuals who do not have any renal difficulties. It is best to take one dose after you wake up, one after lunch time, and the last one in the evening in order to experience steady gains in cognitive improvement. (Be sure to take your last dose between six and seven hours prior to going to sleep to avoid being kept awake). Begin with the smallest dosage and work up as needed. In fact, if you want to save money, you can make your own capsules out of the powder form. You will need to purchase a scale, capsules, and a capping machine to do so, but in the long run they will pay for themselves.

Research: Benefits

There are many benefits of Oxiracetam including: Enhanced concentration and memory, improved ability to learn, increased perception of the senses, better memory, and protection of the neurons. In addition, research indicates that Oxiracetam can help to treat ADHD, brain injuries that are caused by concussions, the abuse of solvents such as glue and paint thinner, dementia, deficiency in cognition, and Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, one Italian study conducted by the University of Torino consisted of 272 people who were suffering from Dementia. The results indicated that significant mental improvements were seen in the subjects when measured by the Newcastle Memory, Information, and Concentration Scale.

Another reported benefit regarding Oxiracetam is that it enhances music to the point that it has been described as almost having the ability to taste the sound waves on the tongue and inside the mind.

Side Effects

Oxiracetam is regarded to be very safe and is not considered to be deadly to the body even when taken for long periods of time as long as it is taken in amounts of up to 2.4 grams per day. There are no signs that it can lead to an addiction, and there have been no reports regarding overdoses, so you can quit taking it at any time. The most common side effects only occur when taking high dosage levels above the recommended amount. These possible negative effects include: Dizziness, stomach distress, nausea, nervousness, and insomnia. Those who experience headaches should definitely consider taking a quality Choline product along with the Oxiracetam. If other side effects are experienced, a good rule of thumb is to reduce the amount of of the nootropic that you take or even stop taking it altogether for a few days or so.

*There has been one drug interaction reported and that is with Carbamazepine, which is used to treat epilepsy, bipolar disorder, and other conditions. So, be sure to discuss taking Oxiracetam with your doctor if you are on this medication.

Customer Reviews (Online Consensus)

The following depicts the public opinion as expressed by consumers regarding Oxiracetam:

Positive Aspects

The vast majority of people who try Oxiracetam absolutely love it as it has a sweet taste and is more palatable than the vast majority of other Racetams. The most common accolades include: Increased energy and motivation to endure challenging workouts and enhanced ability to focus without all of the negative effects that come from stimulants. In addition, consumers have reported that it drastically reduces social anxiety problems; improves mood;5 helps to juggle multiple tasks; assists with mathematic, logic, and spatial tasks ; and promotes the ability to think and apply technical concepts.

Negative Aspects

Some consumers have reported gaining no positive benefits while taking the nootropic. In addition, the stimulant effect that comes from Oxiracetam proves to be too powerful for some of the users and will actually cause fatigue, which suggests that the individuals do not have adequate levels of Choline.

Final Comments

The majority of customer reviews regarding Oxiracetam are very positive, and there are over 90 scientific papers and studies that can be found on PubMed regarding its benefits. It is easy to understand why this nootropic is so powerful due to the study was published in Clinical Neuropharmacology indicating that Oxiracetam increases the use of Acetylcholine by up to 31%. The product also shows a promising possibility as a treatment for those who struggle with learning disabilities.

The reality is that it is very difficult to find any negative reviews regarding this nootropic. However, it is important to note that the product has not been proven to effectively work on the brain chemicals known as serotonin, dopamine, or the receptors that are associated with them. So, although other nootropics can be used to enhance cognition and mood, Oxiracetam has not been found to be useful in treating depression.

The most challenging aspect regarding the nootropic seems to be finding the right dose. It is essential to remember to take a sufficient amount of Choline in order to gain the most benefits while taking Oxiracetam. Likewise, the nootropic appears to safely stack with additional nootropics and is commonly used with Aniracetam and Piracetam. It is also stacked on infrequent occasions with Noopept and Pramiracetam.

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