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Coluracetam: Full Review of Clinical Research, Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects, and Experiences

Coluracetam Review
Coluracetam is a nootropic, part of the racetam family.

What is Coluracetam? Coluracetam is a nootropic that the Mitsubishi Tanabe Company created from a Piracetam compound in 2005. The patent was later transferred to BrainCells, Inc., which develops products to treat diseases of the Central Nervous System (CNS).

As a result, the nootropic is showing very promising possibilities in treating optic nerve and retinal damage as well as other CNS disorders. The racetam works by increasing the upsurge of Choline to the body while at the same time it augments impaired neurons. Consequently, there is a sizeable amount of Choline that is changed into Acetylcholine. This results in enhanced alertness, attention, and memory improvements.


At the present time, there is no recommended dosage for Coluracetam. Based on the research, it appears that taking 200 milligrams per day is deemed helpful to the majority of consumers. In addition, a quality source of Choline such as CDP Choline or Alpha GPC will need to be added. Those who have General Anxiety Disorder or Major Depressive Disorder might elect to take as much as 100 milligrams three times per day if needed.

Most of the vendors that carry this product often sell it in a sublingual formula. Accordingly, you will need to take a smaller dosage since it will not be able to go through your liver or digestive system in order to be processed. Consequently, this product is normally sold in small bottles containing one gram each. These bottles contain 50 doses consisting of 20 milligrams each. So, if you are new to taking racetams, it is probably best to start with a small 20 milligram dosage. Then, you can raise the amount over time as needed.

Research: Benefits

It is interesting to note that the original reason for the manufacture of this drug was to treat Alzheimer’s disease; however, it has not been approved for this purpose at the present time. Coluracetam provides many benefits including: Amplified cognitive energy, the ability to concentrate and focus much better, enhanced attention span, and a surge in learning and memory. In addition, some are able to think much faster and retrieve items from memory quicker. Also, the product helps to decrease anxiety and stress by blocking out extra stimuli. It also increases relaxation without causing a person to feel sleepy.

The actual name for the racetam was developed due to its ability to improve eyesight by making shapes and colors much more vivid. In fact, research shows that the nootropic is helpful in treating optic nerve and retinal damage. In addition, the supplement is so powerful that it can increase the amount of Choline that the brain processes even in regard to damaged or impaired neurons.

Coluracetam is also effective in treating General Anxiety Disorder and Major Clinical Depression. Moreover, one experiment showed that 36% of the participants noticed improvements in their depression when 80 milligrams of Coluracetam were given three times a day.

Side Effects

There have been very few clinical studies regarding Coluracetam. However, it appears to be generally safe. In fact, scientists at BrainCells, Inc. have noted that they did not notice any negative side effects when participants were given up to 80 milligrams three times daily.

In a different study, a dosage amount of 240 milligrams daily was administered three times daily, and there were also no complaints of negative effects.

You should not take it if you are breast-feeding or pregnant. Although rare, it is possible to have allergic reactions to this nootropic. There is also a possibility of developing headaches if you are new to nootropics. However, if you will stack Coluracetam with Choline, which provides an upsurge in brain function and memory, the headaches should go away. The recommended dose for Choline is 250 mg to 750 mg daily if you’re using CDP Choline; and 300 mg to 600 mg daily if you are stacking with Alpha GPC.

Customer Reviews (Online Consensus)

Positive Aspects

Customers have reported many positive effects while using Coluracetam including that it helps with mental clarity and focus1, enhances short and long term memory, increases energy levels, heightens sense of smell and taste, improves vision, facilitates social interactions, enhances ability to enjoy music, and improves depression.

Another positive aspect is that based on animal studies, the nootropic shows long-term advancements in those who have problems in learning new information. Rats were given a Choline neurotoxin and were also given 3 milligram doses of Coluracetam once a day for eight days. After 72 hours, the learning impaired rates still showed improvements in their abilities while going through the Morris Water Maze. In addition, there were no negative side effects such as salivation, tremors, or hypothermia.

Negative Aspects

One of the biggest obstacles in regard to Coluracetam is that there are very few suppliers that sell it worldwide at the present time. Some research companies may be able to provide it in bulk, but there are only a select few businesses that sell it in small amounts. Many companies that do sell it cannot keep it in stock or sell it at a very high price. Continued fascination with this supplement may very well increase its accessibility down the road.

Some of the common complaints include that it tastes bad, there is not enough of the supplement in the container, it is difficult to measure, and it can cause nausea and daytime drowsiness when the dosage level is too high.

Final Comments

Coluracetam provides many positive effects such as: Increased focus and energy, improvements in short and long term memory, seems to be good in reducing anxiety, and shows great promise in treating optic nerve and retina damage. It has very few reported side effects such as headaches, nausea, and drowsiness which are often caused by taking too much or not adding Choline. The biggest drawbacks to the supplement are that it is not easy to obtain, is more expensive, and comes in very small amounts.

Please note that legality of Coluracetam (whether it's legal as a Research Chemical or for Human Consumption) varies from country to country. Please be aware of the legality of this drug in your country. This article is here as a general resource only. We do not encourage or recommend the consumption of drugs that are against the law in your country. As always, consult your doctor before starting a new diet or fitness program.

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